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roof on el paso homeA roof is not just the top cover of a house, it has multiple roles including protection of property and keeping the house safe from harsh weather conditions. While most people believe that installing a top cover is a ‘do-it-yourself’ role, it is always important to hire a certified roofing contractor. This way, the top cover of a house lasts for a long time and serves its intended purpose without any shortcomings. Our vast experience allows us to provide all kinds of roofing services. Try us today; we are the best service providers in your city and we offer perfection,

Our company utilizes well trained and experienced roofers to meet the needs of the client. Our services are prompt as we are located within the proximity of the customer.

Product Lines For Your Roof

As a company, we have come across clients, each with a variety of needs. In order to meet these needs, we deal with a wide range of roofing product lines including shingle, asphalt, concrete and ceramic tiles and vinyl among others. We obtain our materials from certified manufacturers such as Soprema, Certain Teed, Pablo and Iko.

A Variety of Roofing Services

Since we began our operations, we have been dealing with residential, commercial or business premises. Over the years, we have grown to provide a variety of services including:

  • Residential Cover – This service covers all the home needs. Regardless of the type and design of the top cover of the home, there are trained and certified professionals to satisfy all needs. Any type of cover including the installation of ceilings or roofs within the home is covered under this service.
  • Business Cover – As a company, we understand the need for the protection of business premises and the property therein. The years of experience working with business owners, architects and real estate owners provides us with expertise that covers a wide array of services. Our biggest aim is to provide the client with the much needed perfectly installed top cover as it plays a significant role in the business and the business premises.
  • Solar Installation – Lately, people have become keen on clean energy and solar installation is part of our expertise. In this case, we allow the interaction between the expertise of a solar engineer and a certified roofing contractor in order to meet the needs of the consumer.
  • Re-roofing/ Repairs – Once in a while, as a result of age or from extreme weather conditions, the top cover may get damaged and start misbehaving. This is where we come in by offering patching in some areas of the top cover or the whole top cover. Sometimes, the top cover may outgrow its functions and our work as a company is to offer replacements.
  • Water Proofing – Our years of experience allow us to provide our pool of clientele with further protection through water proofing. Using our cutting-edge technology, we can diagnose the need for the water proofing. In this way, anyone can be sure of absolute protection.

The Benefits of Using Us As Your Contractor

We do not just provide roofing services. Our services go above and beyond to ensure the comfort of our clients. We are above the rest of the roofers in the city because:

  • We are insured to ensure that the property of the client is in safe hands.
  • Our services are professional and are also offered by well-trained personnel to eliminate any fears.
  • Our pool of professionals is always ready and available to work in case of an emergency situation.
  • Using our decades of experience, we can deal with all kinds of top covers at a reasonable cost.
  • We save you a lot of money used in repairs by offering exceptional services from well trained professionals. This ensures that the top cover remains intact for a long time.
  • It takes a short duration to install the top cover of any building due to the trained and professional personnel.
  • In support of the green movement and saving the natural resources, we are environmentally conscious.

Protection of personal property is vital to the survival of any home or business premises as part of prized possessions. Call a certified roofing contractor for a free consultation service and for purposes of an appointment for the installation of the roof. Our guarantee is satisfaction.

Your Guide to the Basic Types of El Paso Roofs

Why Certain Roofs Differ

2 Men Installing a Roof In El PasoRoofs differ in terms of form and design elements. The design elements include construction and the material. Form refers to the shape of the top covering. This article considers all these aspects in providing a list of the basic types of roofs. With this article, aided by some information found at, I will do my best to explain these types of roofs.

Elements of Design

  1. Roof Construction – This is determined by the technique that supports the roof. The top cover support is usually constructed at different angles. A low angle support leads to the development of a high pitched top cover. Some top covers have a high angle support. This produces a slanting top cover. Normally, the angle of the support is determined by the function of the top cover. High pitched top covers are common since they are highly functional when it comes to keeping out hazardous weather conditions like in El Paso TX.
  2. Material – The roofing material differs based on availability, culture and other factors. The most durable and commonly used materials include:
    1. Aluminum sheets
    2. Ceramic tiles
    3. Pre-cast concrete
    4. Teflon

As for ceiling roofing, wood is the most common material. Currently, polyvinyl is the most commonly used material for roofing since it is affordable and durable.

Green ones are made of natural materials like a flower garden or banana leaves.

  1. Form – This is one of the most common aspects that bring out the differences in top covering. Since the under support differs, it gives rise to various shapes of roofs. This guide provides the pros and functionality of every type of covering to ease the process of decision making.
  • Steep Slope Top Covering – Synonymous to its name, this is a highly pitched roof. The angle of the pitch goes up to 25 degrees. It is common in recently built apartments and churches. The advantage of this design is that it enhances the flow of water off the top. This happens rapidly. It still remains suitable for the home.
  • Hipped Design – This is where the top slopes down to meet the walls, or meet somewhere in the middle of the house (half-hipped). They are both suited for places that experience extreme wind and rain. The slope provides a strong internal bracing.
  • Gambrel Design – In this case, there are two differing slopes on the symmetrical sides. The top slope is not as steep as the bottom slope. They are suitable for an attic or an attic-like setting. They are advantageous in areas with little or no snow. They provide cottages containing a shingle roofing the complete look.
  • A Flat Design – This one is common in sheds or for animal housing. The covering may be almost completely flat or sloping at a slight angle. The pros are on the cheap cost and the fact that it needs minimal expertise to install.
  • A Mansard Design – This one is like a steep slope covering only that it contains four sides. It is suitable for houses with attics meant to be extra living quarters. The four sides have a steeper lower slope. This provides more space for the living quarters, a reason why it is common in most urban homes.